Entertainment platform with AR games


The Client

The client, who addressed us with this challenge, is a promising Norwegian startup.


  • Scope: Mobile application & Web platform, UX/UI design
  • Technology: iOS, Swift, ARKit, Augmented Reality, Game development, Server-to-Client communication, SignalR, .NET, ASP.NET Core
  • Team: 3 members
  • Duration: ongoing

About the Project

Taking a stroll in a park, or just walking in the streets can be a great adventure and an opportunity to connect with other people. We have been invited to develop an entertainment platform for community based social networking, combining an idea of an escape room and a scavenger hunt.

The project consists of two parts: a mobile app and a web platform. We were also responsible for the UX/UI design of the platform, as well as the whole visual identity of the project.

The users of the mobile app get a real-life map with all sorts of challenges and puzzles placed all over it. The games are based on Augmented Reality (AR) solutions, so the players can experience the challenges more realistically. They can choose between playing on their own or assembling a team to solve the puzzles together.

Moreover, the web platform allows the users to create their own, custom-made games and submit them to the map for others to play.

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