Android development

Mobile technologies dominate the market and Android is the one with the majority of shares. Choosing Android as the key technology in your project will help you reach the widest audience and accomplish your business objectives.

Meet your Android experts

We are experts when it comes to creating mobile apps. We have the knowledge and vast experience in building great applications that run on all Android devices - phones, tablets and wearables. We’ve turned dozens of ideas into amazing digital products and it’s safe to say that we can deliver any app.

We cover full lifecycle of the project: design, development, deployment and maintenance.

Beautiful and user-friendly UX and UI designs

App wireframing and prototyping

Mobile application development

Quality Assurance

Publishing in Google Play

Ongoing support and maintenance

Examples of what our apps can do:

Integrate with maps (Geolocation)

Use push notifications

Use GPS, compass and gyroscope

Use camera (QR codes, barcodes, receipts scanning)

Communicate with external APIs

Have offline support

Provide mobile payments (PayPal, Paylane, Stripe, PayU, DotPay etc.)

Use iBeacon technology and Bluetooth LE (smartbands, printers, readers etc.)

Integrate with social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)

Provide chat between users

Are integrated with analytics services and provide crash reports

Are up to date with the latest OS versions and devices

Technology consultation

Not familiar with all the tech buzzwords? We'll be happy to guide you! As your software development partners, we offer advice and consultation on the technological aspects of your idea. We'll show you the advantages and disadvantages of different solutions and help you make the right choices for your project to succeed!

Kotlin is a programming language officially supported by Google for mobile Android app development. Since May 2019 it's even the preferred one! As we've always seen it as an effective alternative to Java, we built a team of developers that are highly skilled in Kotlin. Our experienced Android devs create top-performing and crash-free apps that will drive your business.

Mobile applications developed natively are coded specifically for a given mobile platform. With native technologies, we can build high-quality and reliable mobile apps that are also fast and secure. Using a full set of Android features and native UI, we will provide your customers with delightful user experience.

Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches... And it doesn't end there! We're enthusiasts of the Internet of Things, so we're open even to the boldest ideas. That's also why we aim at scalability. We build digital solutions that are applicable to all Android devices and are compatible with Android Wear OS, Android TV or Android Auto. Custom-made apps are what we're best at!


We provide

Affordable prices

Free estimation

Agile process

Transparent pricing models

Cutting-edge tools and technologies

Google Play distribution


Yes. We’re professional and keep our cooperation confidential.

Yes, we do! We use English for all of our written communication and developing code. It’s also how we communicate with our clients.

Of course, the code that we create is basically yours. We can sign a contract to make sure the IP will be transferred to you.

Yes, we can help you with that. As a matter of fact, we host quite a number of clients' websites and APIs on Azure cloud. We also offer hosting support plans that include monitoring and other services.

Definitely! We'll have to first analyze it to give you recommendations on how to proceed, but we’re open to such challenges.

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We can help you build, publish and maintain your software projects. We have the necessary experience in launching products developed in various technologies. See our services section for additional information.

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