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Can you imagine the world without the World Wide Web? WWW might be the most important acronym that ever existed and web technologies already became the absolute core of the modern world. We are witnessing a huge shift in the way we all think, learn and share the information. Being online is the future.

Meet your web experts

We are experts when it comes to web development. We have the knowledge and vast experience in building beautiful, scalable, functional and secure state-of-the-art web applications (including static sites, dynamic CMS driven websites and killer Single-Page applications). We are the right web development team to talk to about your web software projects. Let’s develop the web together!

We cover full lifecycle of the project: design, development, deployment and maintenance.

Beautiful, functional and intuitive UX/UI design

Wireframing and prototyping

Website development

QA testing

Deployments to selected hosting providers (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS etc.)

Ongoing support, monitoring and maintenance of the product

Some of the features our websites have:

Responsive design

Local and remote notifications


Payment providers (PayPal, Paylane, Stripe, Adyen, PayU, DotPay etc.)

Integrations with social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)

Maps (geolocation)

Offline support

Analytics services

External APIs integrations

Cross-browser compatibility

Content Management System is a set of tools that helps the client have a clean, easy-to-use and simple way to add, remove and control the content on the website. Managing content is crucial to make sure that everything is in the right place. CMS gives the right tools for every client to have control over the website. Angry Nerds use some of the most popular and reliable systems: Kentico, Umbraco and Sitecore.

A Single-Page Application is a web app that extensively utilize HTML5 and AJAX and provide better overall user experience, reducing the need to reload the page in the browser. Most resources are loaded only once and only the data is transmitted from the back-end. We develop SPAs using Angular, React or Vue.js .

Progressive web app is simply a mobile-first web application. It's a regular website that can appear to the mobile users as a native application. The user can pin it to the home screen and the app can receive push notifications, work in the background or use offline functionalities. It can also have some access to the more advanced device features, like geolocation or camera.

We are highly experienced in C# and .NET framework, the programming language and software platform that keeps it running. It's the fastest and most scalable back-end technology currently available. It runs on all platforms (including Linux) and outperforms other popular frameworks, like Express/Laravel, in terms of raw response speed. .NET Core can handle 7+ million requests per second!

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Technologies and tools

Google Analytics
Microsoft Azure Cloud
Amazon Web Services

We provide

Low prices

Free estimation

Agile process

T&M or FP model

Cutting-edge technologies and tools

Deployments to Microsoft Azure and AWS


Yes. We’re professional and keep our cooperation confidential.

Yes, we do! We use English for all of our written communication and developing code. It’s also how we communicate with our clients.

Of course, the code that we create is basically yours. We can sign a contract to make sure the IP will be transferred to you.

Yes, we can help you with that. As a matter of fact, we host quite a number of clients' websites and APIs on Azure cloud. We also offer hosting support plans that include monitoring and other services.

Definitely! We'll have to first analyze it to give you recommendations on how to proceed, but we’re open to such challenges.

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We can help you build, publish and maintain your software projects. We have the necessary experience in launching products developed in various technologies. See our services section for additional information.

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