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MotionLayout + Android Studio 4.0 = ❤

How to create beautiful and meaningful animations with MotionLayout.

4 things you DON'T need to be a good Software Developer

A piece of encouragement for everyone who wants to succeed as an IT professional.

Couchbase Lite Android migration from 1.4 to 2.x

What's new about Couchbase Lite and how to migrate your code to the newest version.

What a year! 2018 in a nutshell

2018 gave us far more than we hoped for and the future is even more exciting!

The Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Developers - TOP 11 IDEAS

A comprehensive list featuring all the best gift ideas for IT professionals.

Top development companies

Angry Nerds featured with positive reviews on Clutch!

Little engineers - or why you shouldn't teach your kids to code

Why there are better things to teach your children than (just) coding.

Black holes and algorithms. How computer science helped us see a black hole for the first time

How we got the image of the black hole and what was the role of image processing algorithms in this experiment.

Testing mobile vs web. Tips for manual testers

Tips for beginners in manual testing for mobile and web.

Using SignalR to create real-time mobile app

How to use SignalR .NET library to create real-time applications.

Work remotely and thrive! But where? Top 5 choices

How to choose the best place to work remotely and stay productive.

Top 12 plugins for Android Studio

How to easily boost your productivity as an Android developer.

A look back on 2017

How we went from 7 to 21 people in less than 365 days! Read our very own short story about awesome things that happened in 2017.

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