Social networking mobile app for jobseekers


The Client

The project was commissioned by an Austrian job platform.


  • Scope: Mobile application
  • Technology: Android
  • Team: 2 members
  • Duration: 3 man-months

About the Project

Imagine an app like Tinder, but instead of potential dates you can browse job stories of people with similiar interests. That’s exactly what this project was all about!

The client wanted to create an innovative tool to help companies attract the right candidates and present careers and businesses in a more authentic way. The app allows users to broaden their business connections and find the perfect match - the company they would love to work at.

As the client already had an iOS version of the app, we were responsible for building the Android version. The app presents job stories inside swipeable cards. Even though it was quite a challenge because the cards are playing videos, the end result was smooth and stable. We've also implemented some additional features, such as remote notifications and in-app analytics.

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